Sunday, April 1, 2012

home study

what topics would you choose for a home bible study with teens, and young adults? please let me know.


  1. 1. Respect for God's Word
    2. Respect for God's design for families
    3. Each person's role in the family
    4. The 10 Commandments
    5. The two additional commandments Jesus gave
    6. How to forgive, not hold a grudge
    7. It's okay to get mad, just don't be bad when you're mad.
    8. Respect for Man's Laws
    9. Watch that wagging Tongue, lest it get you in trouble.
    10. Pray in God's will.
    11. Tithe the first 10%.
    12. Take the baby out of the manger.

    I hope these titles will give you some ideas.