Saturday, May 26, 2012

Homosexuality and God

Why is it that when we discuss this subject, so many people start trying to alter or change the intent of the Bible to fit their agendas. Sadly More non-Christians do it that than Christians do. They cite that this word or that word was not found in the Greek or Hebrew so therefore they could not have possibly been talking about me.

My name is Raymond, but I never saw that in the Bible, so does that mean that the message contained in the Bible does not benefit me in any way? Certainly not. The Bible was written for all men and women everywhere.

The messages contained in the collection of books making up this great document where divinely inspired by our creator. they do not contradict themselves, nor are they subject to change as our current president so boldly claims.

God says he is the same today, yesterday, and forever. His word and the message contained in them is consistent from beginning to end. Those who claim otherwise are the ones who are subject to inconsistency. We want to justify our position on a subject and will often times bend the truth in order to make it conform to our point of view.

So does the Bible say marriage is between a man and a woman? Probably not, however our first example of a union was Adam and Eve. Some will say that since they did not exchange rings, it wasn't a marriage. The ring is a man made symbol and a man made part of the marriage ceremony. does that mean it has no value? No. we see it as a commitment, and a part of the contract of marriage. The ring is not essential to marriage. But, is Husband and wife essential to marriage? I believe so. Man and woman were created to populate the earth. we were made unique and different so that we could have babies and further the species. two women without science cannot do so, nor can two men.

There are those who claim that homosexuality is natural since it occurs in nature. So, if two male dogs have sex with each other, then you should also. If a dog eats it's young live, you should do so as well, since it happens in nature. or maybe we should go around cleaning each others butts with our tongues since animals do so. Dogs and cats, horses and fish, etc... do not posses the same status as mankind does. God did not create them with the same level of intelligence that he did man. He expects us to be brighter than that. he expects us to be able to understand the difference between the actions of a dog, and those of a man.

There are a number of men and women who are mentioned by name in the bible. There are not any male/male marriages, nor any female/female marriages mentioned. and contrary to what a number of you will say, there are numerous verses that say just how wrong it is for two men or two women to engage in sexual activities. of course it also addresses sex outside of marriage, sex with someone other than the person your married to, and immoral sexual acts.

For those who say that the bible does not define marriage well enough, why would sexual relations with someone other than your spouse be mentioned at all. I have read the Bible many times, and while I may not have PHD in the Bible, I do not see anything that defines marriage as being anything other than between a man and a woman. and, I do see that same sex relationships are wrong.

Sadly, the Bible does say that in the end times, mankind will say that evil is good, and good is evil, and that God will harden their hearts and give them over to their depraved minds. God knew this was going to happen long before you figured out your argument to try and say homosexuality was ok. He knew before he even created the world that you were going to desire to be with another man, or another woman, and yet he still created the world.

So, should Christians hate homosexuals? No. Our God is not a God of hate, but a God of love. We are not to hate the sinner, but instead, hate the sin. As much as we desire to make gay sex the primary focus, God does not. That's why it is not mentioned as often as people think it should be in his word. But just as any sin, it is wrong. It is also forgivable. All sin except one is forgivable. God does not make one sin more important that another, that's a man thing.

If we try as some have done to say that only things specifically mentioned in the bible as being wrong, are wrong, then we are in big trouble. During the time of the Bible, electronics were not even a thought by man, nor was the mass production of pornography. I don't even recall pedophiles being mentioned. yet, we know that cyber crimes are still wrong, sex with children is wrong, and pornography is also wrong. If we are intelligent enough to figure that out, we are smart enough to know that when God says sex between two men or two women is wrong, then no matter what word we currently use to describe it, it is the same thing that was written about thousands of years ago.

So, in today's climate, who are you willing to believe, A man like our president, who has lied constantly about everything, and who now tells you he has evolved in his thinking and position, or a God who is constant, and unchanging. a God who has given you a chance to live with him forever in heaven if only you will do what he has asked you to do.

Following the former, will not get you into heaven, but following God, and his laws will. I myself choose to follow God. He is not corruptible. He is not unstable. He is not week minded. He is everlasting and eternal, and he loves you no matter what sins you commit in life.

As a child of God, I love you as well, and if you do not know God, Jesus Christ, I would be happy to spend time with you one on one, helping you to understand who he is. A life without him is not a life. Living for the moment will not satisfy you in the long run. However, a life with Christ at it's center will last forever and ever.

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