Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today at Church

Today my wife and I decided to go to a church we have not before attended. The music was loud, but great. I enjoyed it a great deal. The preaching was also great. a bit hard to figure out how everything he was saying fit together at first, but then it all came together. I felt that it was very well grounded in the truth of Gods word. I did however have a problem with two items.
1. I do not believe that speaking in tongues, the way so many do, is Biblical. Now, I know that the Bible does talk about tongues, but I think and believe that the bible refers to different human languages, rather than nonsensical ones. How else could someone interpret a "tongue" unless it were one known to them. Too many people uttering non words, and all of them with a sound and flavor all their own, cannot be a known language. And if it is not a known language, and therefor un-interpretyable, then it is a sin to utter them in a public worship service.

2. So many people believe that to be a christian means that sickness and injury does not have to affect the human body. Yet the word is full of God fearing men and women whom God used to shape and change his people were in fact dealing with some form of infirmity. Our body's are not perfect. As such, they are subject to this world. My spirit, and my body are not the same. I am dealing with a 12 year long spinal cord injury. My lower back hurts most of the time, some days being worse than others. I thank God for it. Before I was injured, I did not take as much time out for God as I should. My life was too busy for church. my world too cluttered for the word of my Lord. But since the injury, since the daily pain, I have slowed down. my world has become less cluttered by the things not of God, and more filled with the word, and thoughts of my savior. I am not saying pain is a friend, but for me, it has turned my life around. Before being injured, I never really dreamed of being a preacher, but now I do. Before being injured I rarely read the Bible, but now I can say I have read it cover to cover many times over, and have dedicated a great deal of time to the study of Gods word. My physical does not hold sway over my spiritual.

I am not sure how to reconcile the two issues I have with today's service. While I enjoyed the service, I am not sure if I can call it my future church home.

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